Sara Reyna – Harpist

Sara Reyna – Harpist

Sara Elizabeth Reyna is now Sara Elizabeth Klein , Harpist.

Written and posted by Linda Hernandez


I will update this page regularly as I remember thoughts,memories and events. I will add photos along with stories and add the family tree. This information isn’t intended to hurt anyone as any form of revenge and there will be no lies. Sometimes the truth will be ugly, or hurt, but that’s part of growing up.
Sara caused me an incredible amount of pain and I thought I could endure it, I was wrong.
These pages will be my opinion, or facts according to court documents, or information given to me by individuals. Their names will be  mentioned when possible, or their initials will be used. They will know who they are and I am prepared to submit to a polygraph or hypnosis.

My rights as protected by the First amendment of the Constitution;
The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.

WARNING: Public Service Announcement:



Hiring Sara as a harpist for your event would be a good choice as she is very professional, has a large repertoire of music and plays beautifully.

However, as a public service announcement, I wanted to warn the public of her “father” Reuben R. Reyna who has been known to accompany Sara to her gigs. He is not her biological father but presents himself as such. He is a danger to children and you can read about him at

​Sara knows of his arrest and of his addiction to child torture pornography, but ignores this fact. Sadly, she protects him and this endangers children. Make sure that he is not on your premises.

​Warning, this webpage contains sensitive and offending images and information and should not be viewed by minors.

I used to be the mother of Sara Reyna until she decided to run away during the night and file a false police report against me. That was the most painful nightmare of my life. and I need to write about everything for several reasons.

I need to help myself heal. I need to remind Sara of her childhood and help her to remember things that she has forgotten. One day she might have children and she will want to know her own milestones and events of her childhood. I want to write about her forgotten memories and even put pictures of her as she grew through her childhood.

I need to write about all this now before I change completely. I am only now able to think clearly and be focused after 7 years of the deepest depression, suicidal idealization, murderous desires, and PTSD
Sara, your childhood memories are here, safe in this place forever, when you want them, …….if you want then

It is with extreme sadness that I write that the last 7 years have been the worst of my life. I have lost any contact of Sara, who used to be my daughter, until she didn’t want me anymore. I guess I was all used up and she didn’t need me anymore. People tell me that she’ll come back one day when she has realized the wrongs she did and the pain she caused. I held on to that hope, but as the years went by and more things happened, her lies continued and grew to unbelievable stories, I slowly realized that would never happen

I love Sara E. Reyna with all my heart and always, always will, but I don’t know who Sara E Klein is. I don’t like Sara Klein and feelings of anger and hate for the things she did to me and the lies are building inside me. I have been seeing 2 different therapists the whole 7 years since Sara ran away and had me arrested. I’ve been tested, evaluated, poked and prodded, hypnotized, drugged and anything else that was recommended. I am told that I’m not crazy and that anger is a good thing as it will help you heal.
Sara only wants to hurt me and I can’t let this happen anymore.

No more waiting for a call, a text, a email or a letter. No more pacing by the front door or windows, looking out down the driveway and hoping she’ll find a place in her heart where she used to love me and ask for forgiveness.
That’s never going to happen. She has a heart of stone.

When a child can destroy a parent without care or concern, they are feral, contemptible and savage.

I raised Sara to be a Queen. I knew she was special and was destined for greatness. I didn’t know she couldn’t control her fire and that fire would burn her future and anyone around her. Is it better when people don’t know “what could have been”? What their life would have been like if they had chosen a different path?
I know what she could have had. This makes for a greater loss to me.
I lost my daughter, but she lost so much more.


I can look back and can realize that she only wanted to hurt me as much as she could and I just didn’t die fast enough for her. Her words still echo in my head “Mama, when you’ll dead I’ll come back home”. But Sara, there is no home left to come back to. Everything is dust and dead, there is no life left in me.

There is so much I want to tell her about the childhood she forgot. I can’t tell her in person, because she is not the Sara that I knew and loved. I KNOW she loved me once, but I don’t know when she began to hate me to cause me so much pain. .

She feels that her lies will somehow make her a better person in other peoples eyes. it’ all about “public Image” and she wants people to think she was the victim and  justified in everything she did.

All these years of therapy have helped me to realized her personality disorders and mental illness. I can see now that I was addicted to Sara with my fear of abandonment.and she was the only one in my life that I loved so completely.  I have Sara’s medical records that shows she experienced hormonal instability and severe mood swings mixed with her genetic makeup as a child born from generations of  incest

I could have better understood if I had been a bad mother, abusive, not caring, neglectful, an alcoholic, a drug addict, never home, never cared about her or put my needs first. But I never did any of that. I lived for her, never hit her, gave her everything she wanted, always put her first. She controlled our home and we all knelt in her shadow gladly. I recently learned that children that have Cluster B (dramatic)
Antisocial Borderline Histrionic Narcissistic will hurt the parent that loves them the most as they feel that parent is the weakest. Sara fits this profile. I hope she will get the professional help she needs.

Anyone who knew us, knew we were always overindulging in our love. In fact, we were told that she would grow up to think the world revolved around her. We laughed and our reply always was, “it does”
That’s where I went wrong and looking back, I know this now. I know I fed the Antisocial Borderline Histrionic Narcissistic traits she was born with. But I did it out of love, unfortunately too much love. I am sorry I fed that monster in her and I daily pay the price of loving her too much. Yes my world revolves around her and it’s a world full of pain, sadness, depression, emptiness, regret, quilt, suicidal thoughts and tears.

The reason for this webpage, is to tell her of the childhood she forgot and to tell her she was loved.

I remember she used to tell me she didn’t remember anything of her childhood, which was sad, because I remember every single day. Days of happiness and joy, shopping, homeschooling her, all her activities to make friends, archery, ballet, martial arts, dance classes, private lessons to always help her be the best at everything she did, washing her hair for her, painting her nails, cleaning her room, cleaning her playhouse and backyard from all the trash the neighborhood kids left from the treats, food and drinks that I kept supplied for them.
We wanted her to have friends, so we indulged in anything and everything that would make the back yard a Disneyland for kids. Everyone called it Sara-land and this consisted of 3 full sized trampolines, a swimming pool, a large house that had a two story deck with a slide that went into her pool. Her  playhouse had a TV with cable TV, fridge, cupboards filled with food, a phone, lights, furniture.
At one time there were 11 Power Wheels cars and trucks to drive and two full sized go-carts All the parents would send their kids to our house to play, but no parents wanted to help watch over the kids, so that was hard on me as I sat there all day and served the kids.

Course there was the inside housework part for me too. While she was gone doing all her activities, I was at home cleaning up after her, washing her clothes, sewing and making special clothes clothes for her to wear in public or at her harp gigs. For years I even cleaned her room, but when it became hard for me to go up and down the stairs, I had her clean her own room. I didn’t know she was living in a bedroom of filth, and I wonder if this also contributed to her anger and erratic behavior?

She walked in beauty:
When she walked into a room, she turned heads, when she walked through the malls, the sea of people parted as she walked by. Everyone stared at her beauty, and they way she confidently carried herself. Her head held high and she always smiled, she had every reason too, even babies would stare and reach out for her, to touch her.  How can she forget this?

I thought that if you gave your child everything in the world and did everything for them, that child would grow up with a strong sense of SELF. I thought that if I gave her everything, then no one could take her away from me, I thought that if I gave her the best, at least I would always be part of her life. I was wrong.

I always, always had the fear of losing her. I KNEW that something would happen when she was 18 and just before she would turn 21, so I tried even harder to be a perfect mother. I gave and gave, willingly and on my knees. I went from on my knees to face down in the dirt with a police assault rifle at my right forehead

Sara knew of my fears and predictions. I have always had this “gift/curse” of “KNOWING” things before they happen.. We call them my “VIBES” and sadly, I have always been right.
Sara promised me that she would never let anything happen to her and if it did, she promised that she would do whatever she needed to do to com back home. Well Sara, another promise broken.

To survive, with the guidance and advice of our therapists, we have made a day to say goodbye every year December 6, 2013. This is the day we found out she got married, so to us, this is the day she stopped being Sara Reyna and we have Memorial services every year for her to say goodbye. We have no grave, no tombstone, so Al takes me to Suicide Bridge and we place flowers. Al is only there to support me, he says no goodbyes and sheds no tears. He hates who she became and the pain she caused. He hurts in his own way

People ask me if I have any children………………
Do I tell them no and deny her existence and that I have a daughter out in the world? If I say yes, they want to know about her and I don’t want to tell them the story.
So, I tell them that “I lost my daughter on December 6, 2013” and this is the truth. Sara Reyna doesn’t exist anymore. . People think she died and they tell me how sorry they are for my loss. Sometimes, they want details like, did she get murdered? how did she die? What happened? I just shake my head and look away.
It IS just like a death, but worse. In death, there is a grave where you can visit and cry over. A tombstone to kiss and a place to lay flowers, mourn and try to find peace. A PLACE to mourn. At least they passed away loving you and you hope to meet them one day in an afterlife, if there is one.

When a child runs away and is filled with hate against you, it’s unbearable and cruel. You worry about them, are they sick? Do they think of you? What did you do what made them think so bad about you? You think of them on their birthdays and Holidays. [everyday, in fact] I used to put some presents on out front porch in case she ever came by in secret.  I put some books out there too, “Mama will you hold me hand” and “Motherless Daughters”. I stopped putting the presents and books after 5 years as they got damp and soft from the moisture.

I have to let go. That’s why I am now putting this online for maybe one day she will read this and remember me with some kind of nice thought. But then again, I don’t think she will ever think of me. Still, I want the world to know that I loved her so deeply and completely.

I want her to have the childhood she forgot. I want her to always remember she had a mother that loved her.
People say that one day she will want me back in her life, but I don’t for one minute believe that anymore. 7 years is a very long time and people change. I don’t know who she is anymore, I only know who she was.

I don’t want her to feel deep depression if she ever comes to her senses. If she ever reaches out to me, I’m not there, I’ll either be dead or have moved away. I am trying to leave a message to her to get help, whats done is done and can’t be taken back and you can’t make up for lost time.

I also want a place to put some pictures and poems I wrote for her.

To Sara:

A Heartbroken Mother of a Runaway Child,

“Broken promises shatter hearts
a heartbroken mother,let my life depart!
my empty soul filled only with pain
waiting to die if I can’t see you again

Angels weep and no longer sing
forgotten childhood, an empty swing
the nightmare ends with endless sleep
a heartbroken mother, no longer weeps

I still see your face, your beautiful smile
I still want to hold you, if only awhile
will you remember, or will you forget
a heartbroken mother, filled with regret

I’ll love you forever, more than you know
can’t stay here without you, want only to go
go where the mothers rejected can weep
where they love their children, and safely keep

Maybe in Heaven, children will stay
stay and they love you, they don’t run away
you hug them so sweetly and sing lullaby
they don’t runaway, they don’t make you cry

the memories haunt me, the questions remain
what did I do, what caused you this pain?
what pain made you leave me, what did I do?
What did I not give you, what happened to you?

I knelt in your shadow, I gave you my soul
I lived for you only, now tired and old
weary and useless, lonely and sad
I gratefully die than give up what I had

I’ll watch you from Heaven, if they let me stay
if you feel me around you, please don’t turn away
please don’t reject me if you feel me near
that you will forget me, is all that I fear

Please remember, though my heart breaks today
one day you’ll have children, love them the same way
love them as I have always loved you
put them first before others, especially you.

remember I love you, if you think of me
blessed as your mother, all I wanted to be
be strong, don’t feel guilty, have happy years
Goodbye is not forever there are diamonds in tears”

She ran away 7 years ago, January 30, 2010, the day that changed my life forever. She filed a false police report against me and I was arrested by police with an assault rifle at my head while I was handcuffed on the ground. Oh Sara, it didn’t have to go to that extreme. You never had to lie and do that to me.
She wants nothing to do with me, she doesn’t want to know the truth, or any facts. She tells people I am crazy and evil. She told me to never contact her again. Sara, what are you doing? WHY?

On January 30th, 2010 about 3:30 am, I had woken up to get a drink and I saw that my back door was unlocked and opened. I ran upstairs to my daughter’s bedroom to see if she was OK and found that she was gone. I ran back downstairs and ran through the house yelling her name loudly through all the rooms. My husband Alfred Hernandez, woke up when he heard me yelling for her and rushed out to see what was wrong. I ran to the phone and paged Reuben Reyna’s bedroom [her father} and when he answered, I yelled to him that “she was gone”!

Reuben rushed downstairs while Al and I were searching through her cellphone and emails to find out where she could have gone and with whom.

Her cell phone was locked and we couldn’t get into it to see who she had recently called, as was her email accounts. We were blocked from her online accounts from the ones we knew about and didn’t know what others she had. Al had knowledge of how to get into some things since it is part of his computer experience, so Al was able to “unlock’ her cell phone. I called all the numbers that were listed and left messages on peoples voice mails. Matthew Klein didn’t answer his phone, so since he lived so close, I asked Reuben to drive to Matthew’s house and see if he knew anything about where Sara could be.  Reuben left to drive to Matthews’s house while Al and I looked through any papers we could find to see where she went or who she talked to. Sara was not “dating anyone” at the time.  Sara had been seeing a boy named Cody Dwyer for about a year and they had a fight recently. They spent Christmas together and were very close. Cody was upset that Matthew was still somewhat “in the picture” and said he was also going to start dating someone else too, like Sara was doing with Matthew. That made Sara very upset. Matthew was only a friend as she told me he was lazy, a momma’s boy and had issues with him.

Reuben called us as he gotten lost and it was hard to see at night to find Matthews house. Al helped Reuben with directions from a map on the Internet and Reuben then told Al that he found the house and Matthews’s car was out front in the driveway. I asked Al to ask Reuben to check Matthew’s car to see if the hood was hot. Reuben told Al that it was. I told Al, to tell Reuben to knock on the door to ask if Sara was there. Reuben told Al that he would call him back.

I paced back and forth from room to room and Al kept telling me to try not to stress out as I have a bad heart. I was crying and praying to God to bring her back home. I was going out of my mind with worry and grief. I had to take a nitrate for my heart as I was having chest pains. I took 3.

Reuben called us back and told us that Sara was there and he had spoken to her and Mathew. I cried, begged and pleaded to Al, to ask Reuben to beg Sara to talk to me on the phone. Al was upset also and was telling Reuben to please put Sara on the phone and talk to me. Al told me that Reuben asked her and she said no, she didn’t want to talk to me. I kept pleading and crying and Al kept telling me he couldn’t understand everything I was saying because I was crying so much. I kept asking for Sara to talk to me on the phone. I wanted to know what happened and why she left, please talk to me, please come home, please, please.

Al told me that Reuben told him she still said no

I got on the phone to Reuben and I was crying a lot when I keep repeating over and over for Sara to please talk to me. Reuben told me finally, that she might talk to me in a few days, but not now. I kept crying to him and telling him to beg her to talk to me.

After a few attempts of me trying to talk, Al took the phone from me as I was on the floor crying and pleading. I had to take another Nitrate for my heart and Al talked to Reuben. I told Al and he relayed to Reuben to tell Sara that I would come over there to get on my knees to her to beg her to come home. Al told me that she agreed to meet at a place at 4:30 in a public parking lot, but I didn’t think that was a good idea. I told Al, to tell Reuben, to tell Sara that I was coming over there to talk to her. I knew Matthew had a tazer and a gun and I knew that he was a nervous person and I could get shot by him. I didn’t care. I wanted to see her, I wanted to hold her, I wanted to beg her to come home and fix whatever was wrong.

I didn’t care if he shot me and told Al and Reuben that I was coming over to bang on the door if they [Sara and Mathew] didn’t answer it. I told them that I would wake up the neighborhood by calling their names and that he could shoot me or call the police, but I was coming over to see her to make sure she was OK.

I asked Reuben what cars were out front. In case Matthew and Sara left the driveway before we got there. I told Reuben to park behind Matthew Klein’s car and not let them leave. I know that if Sara asked Reuben to let them leave, he would do whatever she asked. I didn’t want to be calling their names if they weren’t there. Al and I got in our car and we drove over towards Matthews’s house.

It’s very hard to see his house at night, or find his street. We were almost there when Al took a wrong turn and we were on a dead-end street.

Al started to back up the car and we saw that police had pulled up behind us. We couldn’t go anywhere as we were blocked in by police. The police yelled for Al to turn off the car and throw the keys out of his window. The police yelled for Al to put his hands out the window and to slowly get out of the car. I thought the police were mad at us for driving down a dead-end. I thought they were checking out our car because no one should be out at this time of night unless they were stealing a car or something. I sat there and tried to look back a few time to see what was wrong. Al kept saying “yes sir” and asking what was wrong and why were we stopped. Al got out of the car and I didn’t see what they did as I was yelled at to “stay looking straight ahead and not move” or something like that.

I remember hearing them call out a woman’s name, Maria and Lucinda and they police sounded angry. I then heard them yell at me but they were calling me someone else’s name. The police thought I was Hispanic. OK, then they were looking for someone and maybe they thought this could be a stolen car or something.  I sat there and then they yelled at me to get out of the car. I started to open the passenger door to get out of the car, but they yelled at me to slide over to the driver’s side. I told them I couldn’t as I have problems with movement.

They were yelling at me and I had to try to get to the drivers seat. It was very hard as there were things between the seats that I had to go over to move into the driver’s seat. I finally was able to get to the drivers seat and I looked back for a moment and saw many, many lights and blackish shadows of police with guns. They looked like shapes of shadows of Aliens or UFO’s.

Someone yelled for me to “get out of the car slowly and show my hands, to not look at them and not face them”. I was told to put my hands above my head and walk backwards. There were many potholes and it was misting a light rain. I was shaking and scared trying to walk backwards several feet. They yelled for me to “stop and put my hands out at my side and not face them”. I thought I was going to be shot. I KNEW I was going to be shot as I heard a younger voice yelling at me and I could hear he had a nervous voice, which made me more scared. I had to inch my foot step by step as I knew if I fell I would be shot.

I have problems walking and with balance. I had heart surgery a year  and a half  earlier and I have Osteoarthritis [degenerative arthritis or degenerative joint disease] in my toes, ankles, knees, hips, pelvic, both wrists, both thumbs, left shoulder and  lower back, bone spurs in both feet, diabetes and overall bad health. I have bad eyesight due to the diabetes. I have problems walking and sometimes use a wheelchair to get around. I take daily medication for my heart, blood pressure and pain.

In the dark, I had to walk backwards with my arms out in the air at my sides, towards the police as I was shaking. My husband kept asking the police “what did we do?, what was wrong?,” and he begged and pleaded with the police to be careful of me as I had health problems.

The police yelled for me to get face down on the ground and I told them that I couldn’t because of my health. I cannot lower myself to the ground without great difficulty and with the speed that I knew they wanted me to comply. I told them I “was handicapped, please don’t hurt me”.

It gets a little blurry for me as I remember feeling I was going to die and didn’t know why.
I was crying and begging. I was somehow laying down on the ground but cannot tell you if I did it or the police. I had squatted down as low as I could go and then let myself fall face down on the ground.
I remember I was on the ground with my face in the dirt and I was crying. A voice behind me, to my left was screaming “where’s the gun! ?”!

I was handcuffed behind my back, face down in the dirt and the pain was horrible. I looked up to my right and saw that a policeman had a very large beefy huge rifle looking gun or machine gun at my right temple forehead and another voice was yelling at me from the left to get up or he would taze me! I cried and told them that I couldn’t get up that I wasn’t able. My husband kept begging them to not taze me as I had a bad heart.

I remember putting my face back into the dirt and I cried. I felt my heart break. I felt my soul break. I knew I was going to die because I could not get up and I remember feeling all the tenseness leave my body as I waited for the gun to click and would I feel the bullet? I didn’t care.  Now, at this moment.  My mind broke.

I heard a voice kept saying he would taze me. And he said it many times and I could hear his nervous voice. I looked up at my car and another policeman was on one knee with his gun pointed to the back of my opened car door. He was yelling at someone to “get out of the vehicle!” There was no one else in the car. I couldn’t think as to who he could be talking to.

I don’t know if it was 2 or 3 police that pulled me up to a standing position. I remember seeing and feeling white light from the pain in my shoulders at first, then my wrists and everywhere in my body, when they lifted me hard and quick.  At the time of my arrest, I weighed 265 pounds.  I told them over and over I was old and in pain. I felt both numbness,shock and pain at the same time.

Somewhere in the darkness I was being told that I made threats to someone. I was confused. I hadn’t talked to anyone. I had the right to be told why I was being arrested, and the nature of the charges against me, not just that I had made threats. There was no mention of a weapon, gun or hammer, or me destroying property.  They asked me where we were going and I tried to tell them what had happened.

They put me in the back of a police car and I begged over and over that the handcuffs were hurting me very bad, I asked them “would they treat their mother this way?”  I was crying and tried to tell them that I never spoke to Matthew or Sara and that I never made any threats. They told me I was being arrested for threats and they read my rights to me. I had the right to be told why I was being arrested, and the nature of the charges against me, not just that I had made threats to Matthew Klein.

I was shocked that this was all happening to me. I wanted to throw up . I wanted to die, did I die?

I was driven to the police station and the officer led me in a back door of what I thought was the police station. I had to go up and down many steps and had problems doing this. My clothes were wet from the mist and  rain, and I was told to take my shoes off. I was taken to a room where I sat down and a police officer started asking me questions. I was asked to fill out a form and describe what happened and I told the officer that I had problems holding a pen and writing due to the pain of my osteoarthritis and the tight handcuffs around my wrists. He told me he would write it for me. I thanked him.

He was asking me questions and I tried to answer them as best I could while I was still crying and in deep depression. During his questioning, he asked me about a hammer and I was confused as to why he would ask me about a hammer. I felt drunk, slow and retarded.  I had trouble concentrating. I told him I didn’t know why the hammer was there.

[I remember thinking it was a trick question and I must find the answer. Like a puzzle where you have to figure out what piece doesn’t go into this picture? Or why were there red balloons in the car? I remember thinking this. Red balloons. OK, what would I do with a hammer? “Maybe I would knock on the door?” I told him I have problems with my hands and I couldn’t knock on a door anyway.”

I remember thinking, did I answer right? If so, then maybe all this would be over and I could go home.

After wards, I told him again, I didn’t know why the hammer was there and I remember his hand made a motion as if to brushed me away and he said it was okay.

I signed the paper without reading every word because I can’t read well because of my diabetes and my bad eyesight. I thought I could go home now, but they put me in a jail cell with a toilet. On my way to the cell, I saw that the cell was on camera.

I was so cold and deeply in depression. I looked up at the ceiling to see if there was a way to hang myself with my sweater. I wanted all of this to end. A voice asked me if I needed I couldn’t understand what he asked, something about a cart so he had to repeat his question. I still couldn’t understand what a cart was for and it was important for me to answer his question, so I said no. This told me that they were watching me and perhaps knew what I was thinking.

I had to go to the bathroom and asked if I could and I was told that they would have to watch me.

I was shocked and begged to please let me use the restroom outside the cell. I begged them to please let me keep my dignity since they took everything else away from me. I kept asking for privacy and to keep my dignity since I had lost everything else. I didn’t want anyone to watch me pee and see me with my pants down and indisposed. They opened my cell and let me go into the bathroom next to my cell. I was grateful for this and and I thanked them for the privacy. I thought I was in private and I peed.  They opened the cell door and let me leave the cell and go to the bathroom outside my cell. After I was done, I came out and saw 2 police officers standing and looking at a monitor screen that showed the toilet where I had just been. I then knew they had watched me pee with my pants down and saw the back of my bare buttocks. I wanted to throw up again.
I feel that this was police misconduct with the inappropriate spying while I was in the bathroom. I had asked for privacy to urinate. By being escorted out of my cell and into a bathroom, I was led to believe by this action, that I would have privacy. I was not informed that they would still be watching me.

Since no gun had been found in the car, or on my person after a search, obviously I was not a security issue or concern that would have prevented me from having privacy and allowing me a little dignity.
I was taken back to my cell and I wanted to stop breathing. I wanted my heart to stop and wished I hadn’t taken the Nitrate pills. I felt deeply gutted with this arrest and the treatment.

I don’t know how long I remained there in the cell. Someone asked me if I wanted something, but I didn’t understand what he said. I felt like I was in a stupor, confused, dazed, dumbfounded and numb.

Someone took my picture a couple of times because I was crying so much and I had trouble standing. I remember I was very cold and broken.

I was finally released. My husband told me what had happened to him when I was released in the daylight. I asked him why there was a hammer in the car. I found out that he had used the hammer a day or two earlier to change the air filter that was stuck. The police never asked him about why there was a hammer in the car. If they had asked him, he would have told them.

I was in pain for days after my arrest due to my falling to my face to the ground, the handcuffs that were too tight, the nightmares of the rifle at my head, losing my daughter and not being allowed to contact her. The stress and trauma of that night caused my blood pressure to go up heart to swell. I had to go to the hospital because I had also stopped eating and drinking from the shock and depression of the trauma.

The night of my arrest, Matthew Klein signed a Criminal Trespass Warning against me along with his written statement that “Linda Hernandez was not allowed in or around my home or work, or Sara Reyna’s work [though currently not employed]” .

I was told that this order would remain in effect for 2 years. If I violated this order, I would go straight to jail for 1 year and pay a $5,000 fine. Also, if she came to my door and I let her enter, then this would still apply. Do-not- pass- go- and -go- straight -to- jail.

I have been seeing a Psychologist since this trauma and have been diagnosed with PTSD.

I have extreme fear of police. I feel that if we are ever stopped by police in the future, I will run from them, they will shoot me, the police will kill me.

Since the night of the arrest, I have lost over 70 pounds due to the depression and PTSD. I have stayed on anti-depressants and several different medications to sleep and get through the days. I continue to cry everyday and cannot be near or see police. I get frightened when I hear a siren. I cannot watch TV shows without fear of a arrest being shown.

I was charged with Harassment. I had to retain a lawyer to present my case in court on May 4, 2010. The Prosecutor refused to accept the 911 tapes in court. I believe the charges were reduced to Disturbing the Peace and I plead not guilty. The case was continued with a Stipulated Order of Continuance until January 4, 2011. The charges were then dismissed on December 9, 2010 as I had complied with the courts conditions. I had no prior arrests or warrants.

I then hired another attorney to bring a lawsuit against City of Bothell , the Dispatcher and Matthew Klein for his false statement. I paid her the entire fee to bring my case of police brutality to court and through trial. The fee included a lawsuit against Matthew Klein and dispatcher Leah Wright for false reports. My lawyer sent letters of demand to all police officers involved, Matthew Klein and the Dispatcher in December  2011. I have no doubt that I would have been shot and killed that night by the police.

January 2012 My lawyer filed for a court date in Superior Court of the State of Washington for the county of Snohomish No 12-2-021-52-8 against the officers involved.

February 1st 1012, my case was removed from Superior court to United States District Court No 2:12-cv-00178 with Judge Ricardo Martinez

February 6th, 2012 my lawyer withdrew from representing my husband and I in District Court as she was not licensed to practice in Federal court. She told me to find another attorney.

I was contacted by the Police attorney that he would be the attorney with this case. I told him that I wanted to find an attorney to continue this case and I requested a copy of any videos from the police vehicles or my arrest, of the interrogation and questioning during my arrest. I was told there were none, nor was their 911 transcripts of the 911 calls or radio calls.  [police cover-up?]

I find it difficult to believe that with the deaths and lawsuits against police departments in the last few years, that dash-cams wouldn’t be in use and questioning interviews would be a standard practice especially in a case of a High Risk Security Stop when a gun or shooting is stated by dispatcher.

My husband Al,  had obtained copies of the 2- 911 calls and the radio police transcripts shortly after my arrest. They surprised I had them and we supplied the attorney with both audio recording and written transcripts of both 911 calls and the radio dispatcher of the audio and written transcript of what I was told didn’t exist

The dispatcher and the police miscommunication with each other and the police were told incorrectly that I had a gun and was going to kill people including my daughter.

I received a letter from the police attorney requesting that the Judge dismiss the case because he took statements from the police saying that 1. I was not compliant with my arrest,2.  that they did not watch me urinate and that 3. I had admitted I was going to use a hammer. This is ALL completely incorrect. The police have unintended or intended to make mistakes in their reports. The police never questioned my husband about a hammer that was in the car. My husband had placed the hammer in the car a day or two earlier during car repairs.

November 4th,2011 about midnight, Sara knocked on our door. I couldn’t answer it as when I saw it was her, I fell to the floor crying, confused, shocked, memories coming back to me of the night I was arrested, loving her and missing her so badly, I couldn’t take the shock…..Al heard me crying and came running out of the bedroom to see what was wrong. Al called Reuben’s room. Reuben came down and opened the door, went outside to talk to her and then came back in to tell me that she wanted to speak to me.

I finally came out of my bedroom with Alfred. Reuben, Alfred, Sara and I Sara and I sat down in the living room. I asked her why she was here. She told me she wanted to fix things, that she was doing well in her life, that she has a job and was making money. I listened to her and everything she had to say as I cried and just sat there. When she was done telling me how happy she was, I looked up at her and asked her why did she run away? She said she want “find herself” but wanted to do it on her own. She said she didn’t want us to help her with us paying for everything. She said she missed her family and was upset that we didn’t send her an email for her birthday the week earlier. She said that she heard her friends talking to their own mothers and missed talking to me. She wanted to fix things and get her family back.

I asked her why she called the police and lied on her police report.  I told her that I loved her very much, but that she destroyed us with the lies, why did she do it? She said that she didn’t want to have me arrested. I asked her if she thought I would ever hurt her or Matthew and she said no, she knew I would never hurt them. She said that she never heard me make any threats. She said that when Matthew Klein and CJ Lewis, [Mr Klein’s co-owner of the house] knew I was coming over to talk to her, that CJ Lewis is a nervous person and Matthew is a nervous person and they both were talking to each other and they “fed off each others fears” She told me that there were so many people involved, several Police, Matthew, CJ, Reuben, Al and I that everything got blown up. She repeated that she knew that I never made any threats. She told me, that she told the police that she didn’t want anything to happen to me, she told them she needed their help and advice as to fill out the paperwork, She told Al, Reuben and I that they were also afraid of the police because they came across very ” stern” to her. When she found out that I had been arrested, she said she got very upset with the police as they gave her the wrong info. I told her that HER police report was in HER handwriting and Matthews was in HIS handwriting. She told me that the police were telling her what to say. She said the she showed them her police report when she was done and asked them if that was OK and asked that nothing happen to me.
Later she found out I was arrested, [she said]

Again, she admitted that she never heard me make any threats.

I told that I was bringing a lawsuit against the police and she said “good” she said she would be doing the same. She told me that she would sue the police for what they did to me. I told her again that her police report was in her handwriting and Matthews was also. I told her I was also suing Matthew for a false police report. I told her that they would be receiving the papers this month. She asked that I not sue him. I told her that I would not stop my lawsuit and that I fully intended to sue him. I told her that I loved her and that I would not sue her, even though she hurt us all very badly. I told her I was her mother and no matter what she did to me, I wouldn’t hurt her. I tried to tell her what had happened to me that night and what was done to me, but she didn’t want to discus it. I tried to tell her what I had been through and she didn’t want to hear any of it. She said that she didn’t want to keep going over the past but that she wanted to “start over” and fix what had happened. She told me that she understood that I had to sue Matthew and that it was OK. She said they had enough money and could pay it. She asked if I would start talking to her again and I told her that I was afraid of her lying in court like she did with the police report. She said her wanted to go into family counseling. I told her I had to see what happened in court. I told her that all I wanted her to do, was to tell the truth. I told her that I felt like she might try to protect Matthew in court. She admitted to me that she loved him and they were sleeping together.

About a week later, I received a call from my attorney, who received a call from Matthew and Sara’s lawyer saying that if I continued with charges against Mr Klein, that Sara would never have anything to do to with me. I have not had contact with her since as I am afraid of causing further problems and Sara has made no attempt to contact us.

I continued my lawsuit as PRO SE against the Bothell police in Federal Court and due to the statue of limitations time running out, I accepted a settlement. I was told that this was the largest amount that the Bothell police had to ever pay out, I don’t know if I believe that. I DO feel that they violated my civil rights, wrote false statements saying I made statements that I never said, [test-a-lying] and not addressing the hammer in question with Alfred Hernandez. If he had been asked, he could have told them he placed the hammer in the car with other tools. Also, when a gun is mentioned to police, didn’t any police officer think to ASK if that statement was made to ANYONE?
They are over-zealot bullies in blue with a herd mentality.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is:
Freedom from fear is one of the fundamental human rights and an arrested person has the right to some privacy

Standing up for my rights. I am prepared to do whatever is necessary to change the police behaviors, attitudes and present dispatch relay procedures to protect everyone from future deaths, injuries and police lawsuits

As a little girl, she used to tell me that when she thought of me, that “hearts would come out of her head”…..I still cry when I think of this. When did she change from this loving daughter to the person who’s last words to me were “mama, when you’re dead, I’ll come back home”
She denies saying this now, but there were people there that heard her say this to me. About 3 days after she ran away and I was arrested, I stopped eating or drinking. I wanted to die and was willing myself to do this. Someone called the ambulance and I was taken to the hospital. They released me when I lied and told them I wasn’t trying to kill myself. When I was taken home and was laying on the couch, I looked up and saw her there staring down at me. Through a shocked haze from the police and her running away PTSD. I remember saying, ‘oh baby, are you back home?” I would forgive all she had put me through. I thought she was back home and was sorry. I didn’t care if she wasn’t sorry, I was grateful she had returned. She told me no, she wasn’t back. Then I saw a new diamond ring on her finger and I got on the floor and begged her to not leave like. I begged, pleaded, cried and kissed her feet. I hugged her feet as if to save my life. I cried into her feet. I begged and begged. Then, I saw the boy that talked her into leaving home and running away. I knelt at my enemies feet and pleaded for him to not destroy our family. I kissed his feet too, in hopes for his compassion, any compassion. I would not be proud.
He kicked my head away from his feet and I remained there on the floor. Because of my handicaps, I could not get off the floor without assistance..My husband Al, helped me back onto the couch
It wasn’t until a couple of weeks later that I learned that she wasn’t here to see me, she was here to go through my computer in my office to delete files and take any information about her.

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